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8 08 2008
16 09 2008
Ed Komarek

I dropped by yesterday to view the Roswell Exhibit. I thought the exhibit was well done and its good to see a serious interest locally in extraterrestrial life. A traveling exhibit like this has been inspiring to me even though I am quite familiar with the Roswell crash. It has given me the idea for a exopolitics exhibit which could be called Beyond Roswell. See my site:

Folks need to begin to consider. What If Extraterrestrials really exist? What would be the impact on society if the truth were know that the universe is teeming with advanced forms of life with a very diverse set of agendas and motivations? How are we going to fit in?

21 10 2008
billy j rachels

i have been investigating/researching ifos for 42 years,i am a retired radio nesman. a native of thomasville ga. monthly ufo discussion meeting are held 2nd sat of each month at 12 noon to 3 pm at the thomasville ga library downtown on madison street. everyone is welcone there is no charge. for more info call billy 229 228 1204 afternoons and evenings. thank you billy j rachels

15 11 2008
Jim Phelps

Hello Museum,
To make a lot of diatribes short, the Roswell Site is just over the hill from the White Sands Testing Range and the home of nuclear testing in that era. The US was seriously interested in nuclear effects on RADAR systems in these times for early warning of the Russian nulcear ambitions. It is no secret that air can be ionized by nuclear radiation via Bremstrahling effects and this easily accelerated for propulsion. The method is similar to MHD drive systems that the Russians used to make ultra silent submarines, except this method uses ionized air. Add in the simple fact that this is 1947 and the times of Nuremburg Trials and the US was highly involved in nuclear testing at White Sands using live humans from various previous experiments, and you get the need to spin these experiments into an “Alien Experience.” Roswell was not an out of this world experience, just one of the need to know and too much leaking out that would cause serious bad world publicity for the US. The science involved is nothing special to physics and well known there, except perhaps to some Fla. Proffs. Good Day, JP

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